GAC Associates, Inc.



GAC Inc - Innovative Commercial Property Inspection

GAC Associates, Inc. is an innovative property inspection comapany, led by real estate professionals who have practiced in a wide range of disciplines for close to two decades. GAC brings together field engineers with a staff of professionals to provide cost effective and timely reporting required in today's real estate lending and management marketplace.

The market for service to real estate professionals is as competitive today as ever before. Cost and delivery are the main ingredients in the real estate world. GAC Associates addresses these concerns by taking a segmented approach to service delivery. The day-to-day inspection work is performed by in-house staff and reviewed by a core group of engineering and architectural professionals on an as-needed basis. GAC Management is responsible for the timely delivery of every project. The benefit to you, our client, is cost effectiveness and a professional product. GAC Associates continually seeks out professionals experienced in real estate and property operations to provide a depth of resource you will not find elsewhere.

GAC Associates is a strong regional firm serving the Mid-Atlantic region of the United States. Eastern Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Delaware and Maryland are the promary market areas. Clients based in this area, from time to time, have projects pocated elsewhere in the U.S. These projects are readily untertaken at the request of the client.